Nancy Fisher

Vital Parts

Supermodel Vivienne Laker has it all – fame, fortune, and an ideal lover in the handsome, mega-rich Charles Spencer.

Then Charles offers her the perfect gift for the girl who has everything: a medical secret that promises eternal health and unaging beauty. Vivienne should be grateful. Instead, she’s astonished – and very curious.

Equally curious is Eric Rose, a brilliant young transplant surgeon. How has one of his patients acquired a kidney from a brother he’s never listed on his medical forms? How has industrialist Hiram Stone managed to recover from what had appeared to a deadly stroke?

But so much curiosity is dangerous. It plunges Vivienne and Eric into a spiraling abyss of discovery that leads to a secret city buried beneath a remote town in rural Spain, where a medical genius produces miracles at a price only the super-wealthy can afford, via a unique cloning technique and psychological conditioning that are as effective as they are horrifying.

Selected Works

Vital Parts
This exciting medical thriller about human cloning combines twisty plotting, cutting-edge science, believable characters, and a love story to paint a terrifying yet perfectly possible picture.
Code Blue
When cosmetic surgeon and recovering alcoholic Taylor Barnes takes the advice of her new boyfriend, the charming genetic researcher Kip Lawrence, and accepts Dr. Sam Slater’s offer of the position of Chief of Cosmetic Surgery at his private Greenvale Hospital, all she wants is a chance to reclaim her career. What she gets is a medical mystery that could kill more than her comeback.
Side Effects
An exciting and topical medical thriller about two young men lost in the Amazon rain forest and the secret they stumble on but don’t understand; an amazing new youth drug and the ruthless corporation that manufactures it; a beautiful woman physician willing to risk her life to unravel the truth; and the anthropologist with whom she falls in love.
Special Treatment
This fast-paced sports medicine thriller combines twisty plotting, interesting and engaging characters, and romance; a story that appeals to both women and men.
Code Red
A twisty, fast-paced medical thriller that combines a deadly Ebola-like filovirus, art smuggling, and international intrigue.

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