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Code Blue

When cosmetic surgeon and recovering alcoholic Taylor Barnes takes the advice of her new boyfriend, the charming genetic researcher Kip Lawrence, and accepts Dr. Sam Slater’s offer of the position of Chief of Cosmetic Surgery at his private Greenvale Hospital, all she wants is a chance to reclaim her career. What she gets is a medical mystery that could kill more than her comeback.

Thanks to Greenvale’s celebrity and socially connected patients, the once poor and sleepy town of New Chatham is now booming and everyone has a stake in its success. But a local anti-medical protest group that dabbles in the occult doesn’t agree. They claim they’ve used witchcraft to make Taylor’s predecessor vanish and will do the same to her.

When Taylor’s patients begin dying of cardiac arrest, she finds a mysterious number scrawled on their morgue papers. But her investigations result in more questions than answers. What was the nature of Kip’s past relationship with Slater and why has he hidden it from her? Did the ghost of Jack McCormick really appear in the All Saints Cemetery? How are the mysterious owners of the spooky, deserted Rockingham Estate connected to a philanthropic foundation that provides much of the hospital’s funding? Why did a hospital building plan go missing after the builder’s death at Greenvale? And what is the meaning of the medic alert necklace Sam Slater wears, with its unusual medical instructions and its engraving of a giant cactus?

Aided by an unlikely accomplice, Taylor’s search ultimately takes her to a secret facility deep in the Arizona desert where a mad physician toys with life and death.

"CODE BLUE is an entertaining medical research mystery that will please the sub-genre audience and attain new readers for talented author Nancy Fisher…the story line remains exciting as the audience waits for the subplots to tie back to the main story line. Taylor is a flawed but warm individual who the audience will relish for her bravery. With novels like this one, CODE RED, and SPECIAL TREATMENT, Ms. Fisher is turning into a fan-favorite."