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Special Treatment

"Nancy Fisher is a fine writer, and fills her book with real medical interest and a baseball angle for full summertime appeal."

-- "Publishers Weekly"

"Nancy Fisher is breathing hotly down the neck of Robin Cook, and if he doesn't look out, she'll leave him standing."
-- Stuart Woods

Morgan Hudson, a seemingly successful entrepreneur, is the owner of the New York Comets, a baseball team that is never involved in pennant fever.

But this year is different. Led by three new “super players,” the Comets are in the hunt. This interests Robin Kennedy, the beautiful financial magazine reporter who had profiled Hudson and his toiletries business and is now romantically involved with him.

It also interests the baseball commissioner, who is concerned that only drugs could explain the outstanding play of these particular players. He surreptitiously recruits Dr. Adam Salt, a renowned young orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist who shares his respect for the purity of the game, to discover the reason for the Comets’ performance.

How is it that the reflexes of the players are virtually instantaneous? How do they out-think the ball, anticipate every move? What is responsible for this uncanny ability? At first, the players are jubilant; their play is superb; the Comets are going for it all. Then a dark side emerges: uncontrollable rages both on and off the field.

When Andrew Barrett, the reclusive, wheelchair-bound owner of the Pro Club where the super players train in an off-limits training room, is murdered, Robin (who has a secret of her own) and Adam team up to solve the mystery as the story rushes to a page-turner of a climax.