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Vital Parts

Supermodel Vivienne Laker has it all – fame, fortune, and an ideal lover in the handsome, mega-rich Charles Spencer.

Then Charles offers her the perfect gift for the girl who has everything: a medical secret that promises eternal health and unaging beauty. Vivienne should be grateful. Instead, she’s astonished – and very curious.

Equally curious is Eric Rose, a brilliant young transplant surgeon. How has one of his patients acquired a kidney from a brother he’s never listed on his medical forms? How has industrialist Hiram Stone managed to recover from what had appeared to a deadly stroke?

But so much curiosity is dangerous. It plunges Vivienne and Eric into a spiraling abyss of discovery that leads to a secret city buried beneath a remote town in rural Spain, where a medical genius produces miracles at a price only the super-wealthy can afford, via a unique cloning technique and psychological conditioning that are as effective as they are horrifying.

Code Blue

When cosmetic surgeon and recovering alcoholic Taylor Barnes takes the advice of her new boyfriend, the charming genetic researcher Kip Lawrence, and accepts Dr. Sam Slater’s offer of the position of Chief of Cosmetic Surgery at his private Greenvale Hospital, all she wants is a chance to reclaim her career. What she gets is a medical mystery that could kill more than her comeback.
Thanks to Greenvale’s celebrity and socially connected patients, the once poor and sleepy town of New Chatham is now booming and everyone has a stake in its success. But a local anti-medical protest group that dabbles in the occult doesn’t agree. They claim they’ve used witchcraft to make Taylor’s predecessor vanish and will do the same to her.
When Taylor’s patients begin dying of cardiac arrest, she finds a mysterious number scrawled on their morgue papers. But her investigations result in more questions than answers. What was the nature of Kip’s past relationship with Slater and why has he hidden it from her? Did the ghost of Jack McCormick really appear in the All Saints Cemetery? How are the mysterious owners of the spooky, deserted Rockingham Estate connected to a philanthropic foundation that provides much of the hospital’s funding? Why did a hospital building plan go missing after the builder’s death at Greenvale? And what is the meaning of the medic alert necklace Sam Slater wears, with its unusual medical instructions and its engraving of a giant cactus?
Aided by an unlikely accomplice, Taylor’s search ultimately takes her to a secret facility deep in the Arizona desert where a mad physician toys with life and death.

"CODE BLUE is an entertaining medical research mystery that will please the sub-genre audience and attain new readers for talented author Nancy Fisher…the story line remains exciting as the audience waits for the subplots to tie back to the main story line. Taylor is a flawed but warm individual who the audience will relish for her bravery. With novels like this one, CODE RED, and SPECIAL TREATMENT, Ms. Fisher is turning into a fan-favorite."

Side Effects

An exciting and topical medical thriller about two young men lost in the Amazon rain forest and the secret they stumble on but don’t understand; an amazing new youth drug and the ruthless corporation that manufactures it; a beautiful woman physician willing to risk her life to unravel the truth; and the anthropologist with whom she falls in love.

Ten years ago, an intrepid young anthropologist and a brilliant but obsessive biochemist stumbled upon a very unusual tribal ceremony deep in the heart of the Amazon.

Today, Dr. Kate Martin, recently appointed medical honcho at Randall-Webber Pharmaceuticals, is launching the most revolutionary drug of the century: Genelife, a medical miracle that restores youthful good looks and vitality with stunning speed. To millions of people, it is an irresistible breakthrough. Why grow old when it has become so simple to stay young?

With her medical credentials and physical beauty, Kate becomes the star of the media blitz to sell the world on Genelife. But she soon begins to suspect that this drug, which she herself is using, has a higher incidence of certain side effects than she, and perhaps the FDA, had been told about by Michael Nolan, Randall-Webber’s ruthless CEO.

Meanwhile, biochemist Tucker Boone, Randall-Weber’s quirky director of research and development, has mysteriously disappeared. And when handsome anthropologist Steve Kavett sees Kate on television and calls to ask her help in finding his old friend Tucker, Kate comes to realize that the launch of Genelife conceals many sinister secrets. Even more frightening, so may Genelife itself.

Kate hazards her life as she plunges into a nightmare labyrinth that takes her from a secret drug compound in Connecticut to the inner sanctum of a Japanese conglomerate to a hidden laboratory deep in the Florida Everglades to the secret prison of Tucker Boone, whose original discovery of Genelife may have driven him mad, as she searches out the terrifying truth about this miracle drug that first seduces, then ravages.

Special Treatment

A fast-paced sports medicine thriller that combines twisty plotting, interesting and engaging characters, and romance, it’s a story that appeals to women as well as men.

Morgan Hudson, a seemingly successful entrepreneur, is the owner of the New York Comets, a baseball team that is never involved in pennant fever.

But this year is different. Led by three new “super players,” the Comets are in the hunt. This interests Robin Kennedy, the beautiful financial magazine reporter who had profiled Hudson and his toiletries business and is now romantically involved with him.

It also interests the baseball commissioner, who is concerned that only drugs could explain the outstanding play of these particular players. He surreptitiously recruits Dr. Adam Salt, a renowned young orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist who shares his respect for the purity of the game, to discover the reason for the Comets’ performance.

How is it that the reflexes of the players are virtually instantaneous? How do they out-think the ball, anticipate every move? What is responsible for this uncanny ability? At first, the players are jubilant; their play is superb; the Comets are going for it all. Then a dark side emerges: uncontrollable rages both on and off the field.

When Andrew Barrett, the reclusive, wheelchair-bound owner of the Pro Club where the super players train in an off-limits training room, is murdered, Robin (who has a secret of her own) and Adam team up to solve the mystery as the story rushes to a page-turner of a climax.

Code Red

A twisty, fast-paced medical thriller that combines a deadly Ebola-like filovirus, art smuggling, and international intrigue.

The I.M.A. is a respected volunteer medical aid organization that sends doctors on missions of mercy around the world. It’s a mission that Dr. Lucy Nash, a virologist with Biosafety Level 4 clearance, is committed to. But after her lover takes his life after being accused of drug-running following a horrifying mission of mercy to Peru, Lucy begins to have doubts.

Is the I.M.A.’s wealthy, charismatic chairman, Bill Miller, as selfless as he seems? Why is Carl Anders, director of medical research, trying to scare her away from the I.M.A. lab? Is renowned molecular biologist Rick Hollander, Lucy’s new love, really who he claims to be? And why have all the homeless people suddenly disappeared from Lucy’s neighborhood?

Lucy enters a world of international terror and medical deceit to uncover the secret concealed in a seemingly abandoned warehouse behind the Star of Hope Mission. But will she be in time to prevent the world from being held hostage by a medical madman?