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Vital Parts

Supermodel Vivienne Laker has it all – fame, fortune, and an ideal lover in the handsome, mega-rich Charles Spencer.

Then Charles offers her the perfect gift for the girl who has everything: a medical secret that promises eternal health and unaging beauty. Vivienne should be grateful. Instead, she’s astonished – and very curious.

Equally curious is Eric Rose, a brilliant young transplant surgeon. How has one of his patients acquired a kidney from a brother he’s never listed on his medical forms? How has industrialist Hiram Stone managed to recover from what had appeared to a deadly stroke?

But so much curiosity is dangerous. It plunges Vivienne and Eric into a spiraling abyss of discovery that leads to a secret city buried beneath a remote town in rural Spain, where a medical genius produces miracles at a price only the super-wealthy can afford, via a unique cloning technique and psychological conditioning that are as effective as they are horrifying.